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A Reflection On Time

Christians mark time in a different way. Secular time is marked by the succession of days and months punctuated by a day off here and there, time to catch up on all the things we really want to do. Christians measure time according to the life of Christ and the three great festivals of the church.

We are now entering the season of Lent, seven Sundays culminating the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday. Traditionally Lent has been a time to slow down, to reflect on the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection. For some people in our culture all of this reflection may sound a little gory and fantastic. After all, crucifixion by the Romans was a horrible death, and who has experienced resurrection?

It is fascinating, however, to see what happens when someone actually takes these events seriously and looks at them through the lens of Scripture. Paul was an early Christian missionary. For Paul the cross of Jesus propelled him into a life of selfless service on behalf of the churches. It is historically demonstrable that when Christians take the cross seriously, selfless service continues to be at the heart of Christian faith.

Paul was also dramatically resilient and hopeful in the dark and often cruel world. His resilience came from his encounter with the risen Christ and a confidence that Paul would also share in the resurrection of the body. Paul knew it was the work of the holy Spirit that took historical truths and translated them into present reality.

I believe there is a high level of personal satisfaction and culture flourishing when people engage in selfless service. I want to know how to be resilient in a world full of incredible challenges. Please join our fellowship each Sunday as we reflect on these truths and experiences during the season of Lent.


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