Trinity is an active place! We have a number of ministry programs and would love your support in any of them. Please contact Pastor Marc or the church office for details on any ministry for which you need more information.

Trinity Church seeks to enrich the lives of our neighbors, both near and far.  Our foundation is based on a missions-driven calling, reaching our brothers and sisters from around the globe. Please visit our Mission Partnerships page to learn about our missionaries and the work they do.

mission partnerships

Music is an integral part of our worship on Sundays at Trinity Church, whether we’re preparing our hearts for worship, praising God, praying, reflecting or giving thanks to our Lord. Our goal is to provide quality worship music for the glory of God, to the best of our ability.


Our style is primarily traditional but diverse, including hymns, Southern gospel, and classical styles, while also incorporating some familiar praise and worship songs and newer choral pieces. We utilize a variety of sounds, most often singing, organ, piano, and brass instruments. We also frequently invite guest instrumentalists to be part of the worship music, such as flute, violin, oboe, guitar, saxophone, cello, and others.

music ministries

It is our belief that a marriage is only as good as the foundation upon which it is built.  We offer premarital counseling by our pastoral staff, to help guide and support you on this new and exciting chapter in your life. 

marriage preparation



Trinity Church offers a wide array of options for learning and growing with the Bible.  Men's groups, women's groups, adult studies, kid's classes...there's something for everyone!  

Our Care Ministry does such things as handling the email prayer chain and  sending cards to those who are sick. They also provide meals and visits – with regard to current COVID restrictions – when appropriate, to those who are in need of such things.

care ministry

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